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On June 4, 2021, Mayor Thaddeus Jones provided all of the Aldermen with a list of available appointed employment opportunities with the City of Calumet City. These opportunities are open to Calumet City residents. There are a limited number of positions solely for the 2nd Ward.

Please forward your resume to and list the position of interest in the subject line of the email. The deadline for resume submissions is 06/30/2021 by 1 pm.

Summer Youth Employment

Public Works Helpers

  • (12) Public Works Helpers Needed.
    We will select at least one applicant who resides in the 2nd Ward.

ESDA (Emergency Service & Disaster Agency)

  • (14) ESDA Personnel Positions.
    We will select at least two applicants who reside in the 2nd Ward.


(2) Part-time Mechanics

(2) 911 Operators

Human Resource Manager


City of Calumet City-Additional info for these positions will be placed on the city's website soon. Please submit your resume to for 2nd Ward consideration.

  • Accountant

  • Accounting Department Coordinator

  • Assistant Systems Manager

  • Building Commissioner & Zoning Administrator

  • Crime Free Housing Administrator

  • Economic Coordinator

  • Electrical/Code-Enforcement Officer

  • Health Inspector

  • Plumbing Inspector

  • Secretary of Police & Fire Commissioners

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